Founded in 1988 by Normand Larochelle, Les Industries Norjac Inc. is a manufacturing company based in Pintendre, in the Québec City area. In February 2010, Martin Proteau took over the family business. Full of initiative, he strives to modernize the company and makes quality his motto.

A service of excellence, from manufacturing to distribution

Passionate and dynamic, Martin Proteau succeeded in just a few months in transforming this small business into a renowned company in the restaurant industry. Every year, he makes new investments and integrates new technological equipment. He improves working methods, optimizes production times and automates manufacturing processes in order to meet growing demand while also maintaining product quality and competitive prices.

Since 2013, our company has been based in a new building. Thanks to our manufacturing capabilities and our desire to meet the highest requirements, we are now working on the development of new products. We are proud to have invented and manufactured an innovative roasting pan. Easy to use and practical to store, it allows a homogeneous cooking while sublimating the tenderness of the meat.

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